Splinterland DAILY Challenge || General Sloan VS Thaddius Brood

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Hello, #Splinterland Warriors!

How are you all? I hope you are very well. Today I came to you with the post of my new battle. I hope you have a good battery today and you will be able to finish your challenges on this bat later.

We have to spend a lot of time meeting the challenges of the new battles that are given to us every day. Here are some of the challenges we face. Someone chooses one type of card, someone chooses another type of card. If we can create a medium through all the cards, then of course it will not be difficult for us to play games and earn money from here in the future. I think so

Every day when I finish all my work in real life I get so tired I have to work so hard I try to spend as much time as I can in real life in these games so the challenges that are given every day I spend a lot of time playing I have to spend a lot of time in this game for a couple of hours.

Because I spend more than in my real-life busy life. From there I come home and finish some of my personal work and then I start working online. This is the first time I started working online through these games. I always try to play these games well. I try my best to change my destiny. Sometimes I get so tired that I forget all kinds of information about online work in my head.

That's when it occurred to me that today I have not finished my channels, I have forgotten the daily challenge I have been given, I have to complete it, if I do not have the courage, I will be deprived of the daily reward that I have to think about it. I play games but unfortunately, I can't make much money from my games. I try to play some good games but still, I can't be happy with my work because I don't get enough rewards.

Still don't get upset because this game is all about passion and love so I always try to finish the game completely and present my words to you.

You've heard a lot about me and these games and some important things. Now I will share with you the details of my daily challenge today and I will try to present to you through my review how I overcame the challenges.

SHARE MY BATTLE DAILY Challenge (5).png

This is my second sharing. "SHARE MY BATTLE DAILY Challenge!
LIFE QUEST" Today I played again using The LIFE QUEST card for the program.

Hopefully, we can play our best this time too.
Today I am going to play using the LIFE QUEST

Screenshot 2022-04-07 225208.png

First I shared with you the current location of my profile

Screenshot 2022-04-07 225151.png

I finish these games every day with different challenges but I can't fight battles on my profile. I don't know. Every time I start playing these games, the pain of the games starts. Suddenly the batteries start. There are points here that I can't make up, hopefully, I'll try to share them later

POWER: 1435

Screenshot 2022-04-07 225201.png

I have just finished the Battle Challenge and now I have a point here and now I have this power position as you can see in the screenshot above.


I tried to share the battle that I will discuss with you today and I tried to share my post made for today's "SHARE MY BATTLE DAILY Challenge!"

General Sloan VS Thaddius Brood

Screenshot 2022-04-07 225312.png

Untitled design.gif

I Used The Cards Name

General Sloan ★ 1ShieldbearerStitch LeechHerbalistTruthspeakerCelestial HarpyPelacor Arbalest

Screenshot 2022-04-07 225325.png

The cards used by my opponent

Thaddius Brood ★ 1Cursed WindekuChaos AgentUndead BadgerLife SapperSilent Sha-viDhampir Stalker

Screenshot 2022-04-07 225344.png

Shieldbearer VS Cursed Windeku

Screenshot 2022-04-07 225335.png

Untitled design.gif

I tried to share my complete battle screenshots through the screenshot below

I tried to share the battle that I will discuss with you today and I tried to share my post made for today's "SHARE YOUR BATTLE DAILY Challenge!"

The battle lasted up to only 3 rounds.

Screenshot 2022-04-07 225231.png

The first skins hot of the card


Screenshot 2022-04-07 225355.png


Screenshot 2022-04-07 225431.png


Screenshot 2022-04-07 225507.png

Finally win

Screenshot 2022-04-07 225528.png

The final match is won #BATTE-RESULTS

Screenshot 2022-04-07 225535.png

I would like to thank #splinterlands for making such a beautiful system so beautiful for us. Below are screenshots of the gifts that the #splinterlands community gave me after I finished this game.

WATER QUEST COMPLETE Bundle offer loading...........

 "Screenshot 2021-12-28 175051.png"

 "Screenshot 2021-12-28 175108.png"

Every day they give us some gifts that actually make us more interested in playing games. Someday we get something good, someday we get something bad. All in all, great love is created for these games. I can get something I always try to leave everything to my own fate but I am much happier for the gift I received


I got today's bundle open:- 1LEGENDARY cade

Screenshot 2022-04-07 225216.png


Screenshot 2022-04-06 224354.png


I tried to present to you the details of today's game. I don't know how much I got. I didn't get what I could. I tried my best to create beautiful blocks. Please help improve this article or section by expanding it. Please help improve this article or section by expanding it.


my splinterlands account name shariarahammad

MY splinterlands Reference LINK

MY battle link




Thank You

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On the battlefield, many strategies can help your team win despite the presence of famous or unpopular cards in the lineup.

That's right
I tried to use the things I needed to do in order to win the match