Contest – Lord Arianthus LVL 3 Delegation #3

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Hi everyone, today I’m announcing a new contest. I will offer as a reward the delegation of a Lord Arianthus LVL 3 card, until the end of the current Splinterlands season.


It's simple: Just comment about this card and indicate a friend that you believe would be happy to be able to use this card.

If you do not need this card, mention it in your comment and if you win the contest, I will lease to your friend.

In approximately 2 days I will determine the winner by lottery and the card will be made available through the game's Lease tool.

Please, only 1 comment per person. To choose the winner I will use the Random Winner Picker tool. To participate is not necessary upvote, share, or follow me.

I hope you enjoy this card which I am sure is very useful.

Good luck!

Image: @splinterlands.

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Amazing! I love the Lord Arianthus, because him with a healer could tank a lot of damage. I have one level 1 but is kinda weaker now that I am in the Diamond ranking. A lvl 3 card, would be amazing hehehe.

@robertoueti, welcome, thank you very much for your participation and good luck!

Obrigado pela menção recentemente recebi delegação de uma level 3, e é uma ótima carta
boa sorte

I'd love to play with this card, I just started yesterday, so I don#t have many jet ^^

Hi @summoner-cha, welcome, thank you very much for your participation, but for your entry to be valid you need to name a friend. Good luck!

Awesome card with nice abilities... I a using a level 2 already so love to use the level 3...
@simplymike you should also check...

@guurry123 welcome, thanks, and good luck!

I would love to try out a level 3 but my summoner's level isn't that high yet. @geneticshuffling might be interested.

Hello @coronavirus, thank you very much for your participation and good luck!

Obrigado pelo sorteio e suporte a comunidade :)

I always wanted to have a card like this ... imagine lv 3? Wow ... I hope I'm lucky in that edition.

I really liked your new lease project. Success always @marianaemilia.

Look at this opportunity @vempromundo.

Lord Arianthus is a beautiful card, currently I don't own it. It seems to me a nice defense card if used in the first position. I learned it in your videos. I had come across your profile to take a look at a post with your strategies, but I came across this. See you soon.

  ·  9 days ago Reveal Comment

Welcome @mindblast, for your entry to be valid please, you need to name a friend. Good luck!

  ·  8 days ago Reveal Comment