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Hello friends here is today's bitcoincash price it's looking ok the price has dropped a little bit but I do think it will go back up in a few days I really believe bitcoincash is going to do very well in the near future since I started my journey bitcoincash has always been good to me that's one of the main reasons I believe in it and of course it does hold its own quite well I think it's quite a solid investment but that's only my personal thoughts and opinions I'm not no sort of financial advisor I just follow the prices and have done for a few years now
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What's the point of your posts mate, it's just spam at this point if I need to check the price I can use Messari

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Hello there @kggymlife,

Could you please stop posting in HODL or I will have to downvote all of your posts.

Thank you, we consider this as Spam as it is not valuable information.



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