The Time When We Were Young | Power Club - PowerWriting Prompt: No. 4

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PowerWriting Prompts. This new challenge by @powerclub presents the opportunity to explore a theme and publish your thoughts in either the comments to the contest post or publish your own post in exactly 50 words. If you'd like to participate, here's the official post: PowerWriting Prompts #4.

It's time for the PowerWriting Prompt No. 4. If you love the beach as I do, you've seen a variety of items wash onto the shoreline. Some are unique shells, others are just trash. I always wonder where the unique items originate.

The PowerWriting Prompt No. 4 :
“A bottle washes up on the shore.”


My Story is below:

The couple lean against each other, digging their toes into the sand as clouds dance across the sky.

"Happy?" Warren grills, slightly distracted as a bottle washes up on the shore.

"Extremely." Estelle responds, as Warren rushes toward the bottle.

"Playtime is over!" the message commands from their impatient children.




  • One prompt will be shared once every 3 days.
  • Write exactly 50 words.
  • You can write it in a comment to the PowerWriting Prompt announcement post or a separate - post.
  • Use the tag PowerClub so that the contest owner can find your post easily and reward it.


I leave here the screenshot evidencing the 50-word limit for my story for Prompt No. 4:

Screenshot 2023-11-09 at 10-11-14 WordCounter - Count Words & Correct Writing-PowerWritingPrompt-4.png


Good luck everyone with whatever your endeavors.


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