I want to have a positive impact on the environment !

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Hi, this post is like a note for a bunch of things I'm thinking about since weeks.


I am really involved in the protection of the environment, I'm vegetarian since more than 3 years, I buy organic as much as my earnings allow me and I often get things to act better. I recently changed my fuel with Ethanol to reduce my CO2 emissions, try to use my bike as much as possible.


I'm a movie editor. My job is to have a powerful computer and run it hours at 100% speed to edit movies. It consumes a lot of electricity and a pc is really pollinating to build. And the more it's powerful the worst it is.

This is my job and I don't think I will change that. But I'm looking for every single thing that I can change or anticipate to lower my impact on the environment.

During two days this week I worked as sofa deliverer. And I had to lift many "relax" models.


If you are one of the people who are shouting about the pollution that brings electric cars due to batteries and motors that are consuming all the previous metals of the planet (I have my opinion about that but this isn't the place to share it), remember that even if Cars are maybe the biggest industry with the biggest parts, batteries and electrical motors are barely everywhere and in at least 80% of the time it's pointless, barely used and most of time it sucks.

I don't think you need 6 motors in a sofa but that exists. One for the head coffin, one for the legs and one for the back... You know, my late grandfather had an armchair that could do the exact same thing without needing electricity. Just to pull a button tu unlock the rotation and you just need to use your force, you don't even need to be standing. The last time I saw him he was 87 after a long worker life. He had trouble walking, couldn't climb the stairs and even not be passenger in a car but he was able to use that chair and lean it in less than 15 seconds. Which is the time that takes the electric one because it's LOOOOOOOOONG.

So those sofas are consuming electricity 100% of the time because it's always plugged with even a little LED saying it's ok, plus when rotating motors which is way more. It needs more material, motors, metals etc.. It's really heavier. The relax model was 130Kg while the same model without relax option was only 80. That's why It needs more fuel to transport it. With a full truck of relax models it's more than 1 000kg more than the ones without motorization. And it's totally pointless because you can just have the same result with just mechanics and you human force instead of electricity which is for my an important resource.


Due to many loss in the production line it's estimated that in France, for each kW consumed the factories needs to produce 2.58kW. The biggest part of the losses are the factories themselves. The cooling and pumping systems drains a lot of energy.

If you only count the losses in the cables lines you see that almost 10% of the electricity disappear here. You can say 10% isn't a lot and you're not totally wrong but 10% of the france's energy is around 20TWh per year. If I use Tesla numbers, this is 4 times the electricity consumption of Every Tesla's cars during year 2019.

Don't forget that this is just 6% of the total but in fact there is a 60% loss. So reducing those losses would be one of the biggest things to do to help the planet !

One of the most undervalued energy source is the hydraulic one. Even if it's really used in many countries if not all. But i saw sometime ago a french who just made is own hydraulic factory. It's like a modern water mill. Not dam. It's just a propeller in the water that turns thanks to the water course. It doesn't produce a huge amount of electricity but enough to power his house and his neighbour's ones. It's the only water mill remaining in France and making more of it would have a real impact. No more loss because the distance are really tiny and the infrastructures need less energy to run the factory which leads once again to less losses.

And I would really like to have one of those in the future !


Fodd production is one of the biggest industry of the world, and producting a lot of Greenhouse gaz. It can be reduced by the farmers using less chimical products and using the power of nature tu grow their plants. If you want to know more about ways to produce food without destroying the environment you should see the movie Kiss The ground, you can see it on Netflix or rent it for $1 on vimeo.

This would take time and money to get to this but one way to be sure to help the food production is too grow your own vegetables if you have a garden and make it clean. If you don't have time some sort of cultures like permaculture is really helping because it takes time at the beggining and after that the nature itself make the biggest part of the job !

Obviously I would realy love to grow my own plants but for now i only have a 1.5m² balcony at the third floor so I just built boxes to put some soil in it but I don't have a lot. I just ate arount 15 radishes thanks to it and arount 400g of basil leaves.

But this cost a lot..


I would really like to have this. But for now I'm living in an apartment without any garden and I'm earning just enough money to pay bills and food and keep less than $100 a month for me to save.

That doesn't mean I'm not trying to do my part. I'm buying electricity to a green producer. I now try to never buy something if I don't really need it. I used to buy a lot of things on aliexpress when I was younger but now, the only moments I'm getting delivered is for big objects and I do my best to never buy on aliexpress due to the low quality nor Amazon because I really don't like the firm.

I looked around me a farm which uses permaculture and I found it, they're now selling during december and january but at the beggining of february I'll do my best to buy my vegetables to them and maybe you knew it but, it's cheaper. First they probably have a better efficiency than usual farms but they don't sell to supermarkets which make a huge margin.

It's cheaper, you have better food, they have more money and you finance a better environment.


Coming from a person that also believes in conservation efforts I find I get more interaction with my posts If your can tie both crypto and conservation together like CO2 coin or this neat game from google play which from what I can tell is actually both paying users crypto (I have withdrawn crypto this parts real) and allows users to contribute to conservation efforts such as amazon rainforest conservation ocean clean up, Energy alternatives research and much more. This seems to be legitimate from what I could tell from their website and the conservation groups they mention are real.

This is something small that helps the planet, like some of the small life changes you suggested its a way to make watching ads for a faucet something many in the crypto circle do already also help the planet a little to. I wont include a referral unless you want one the game is called Green Karma on play store made by Phoneum ( could not picked a worse name but check them out before you dismiss them)

Nice to see someone else who cares about the planet have such a High earning article

I would be interested in that game, at least to try ! If you have nothing to lose if you share your referral link I would appreciate it !

I know that I already have few UPCO2 token which I still don't fully understand how it works and I'll try to get more involved in those coins to do my part !

The coco or swap.coco coin from @co2fund are also tokens I want to buy more, still a way to participate in that battle for the climate

Thanks Ill check that link out and My Green Karma linkhttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.co2game

Save trees and planting

Yes I do, and I will !

Join The SEEDS community to help us regenerate money
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I'm already on it but I'm still trying to understand how everything works :')

Seeds are distributed to organizations which have a project to regenerate the planet. But you need an individual account to create another account for your org.
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Excellent article, really caring for the environment begins with each one of us as you have said, to the extent that we control energy expenditure and that we know the impact of everything we do we can see the change.
Few people reach this level of consciousness, today, I hope children are being educated to be aware of what is happening, and let us not continue to ignore the path to a better tomorrow.
something small like disconnecting a device with LEDs called vampires, if we do it millions of people how much could be saved.
conclusion the change begins with each one of us

Yes !

One of the thing we shouldn't forget is that even if everybody was doing efforts to limit their water and electricity use at home, the global use wouldn't fall so much because industries are really consuming a huge amount of both of them.

I remember one day I was working in a meat and pathé and to clean one room we had to use water to remove every piece of meat on the ground and then fill it with a hot soapy water. It was probably more than 300 liters only for 80m² and at least 2 times a day. And there is 2 more rooms and one of them is even bigger.

One of the big issue that needs to be solved is energy saving in the industry. I'll once again use the same exemple but tesla always makes it. If I remember well, they said that in two years they changed many features to save energy and that returned in 50GWh saved in two years. That's enough to power 14000 houses for a year. Even if that means that they use a lot of electricity, this is a huge amount saved and to my mind every factory should to to do the same.

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