Never force anyone in your life

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It is quite said that as humans, we prefer living a stress free life where we don't want anything that will hinder us from been happy because there's nothing like living a peaceful and comfortable life without anyone stressing you. In that same aspect as human, challenges and difficult times are born to happen but how we handle or solve such situations is different from every living individual that have experience or is experiencing such scenario.

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Never force anyone into your life because it is not everyone that is meant to like you for who ever you maybe instead such people will bring more problems for you because they are not actually meant to be with you, for you to avoid such avoid them. If they are meant to be with you they will, no matter the situation or challenges you are facing instead the right person will be of help to conquer the situation or make a move to do so.

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Such scenario can also happen in a relationship because earlier today a friend of mine girlfriend broke up with him saying she's tired of the relationship because the guy was unable to provide for her needs after three years and my friend was pleading lol, that there will definitely be a turnaround. That was what made me to make this post because I don't buy or see the essence of pleading for someone to be part of your life, if truly such person loves you all these will not happen instead it's going to cause more problems you will not expect.

Even among friends as well such occasions do happen where you will see some that have upgrade and are doing well and if you go to them for help they will eventually turn you down with excuses, so what I believe is never force anyone in your life because this life is a turn by turn situation if you truly believe in achieving success which ever area you may require it to happen, be it in financial aspect, relationship or even dreams that needs to be achieved. It all requires in believing in yourself that there's definitely a turnaround someday.

What is meant to be yours will definitely meet you at your door steps because nobody is perfect likewise human being are born to fail so in other not to be disappointed we shouldn't put our full trust and hope in them because it is easy for someone to promise but to fullfil it will be a problem and it shouldn't be a surprise experiencing such as humans. One thing is for sure we are not perfect as humans because we learn everyday to correct our past mistakes.

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We should be careful with whom we choose to be close to us in other to avoid been hurt because not everyone who smiles at you or laugh with you is really happy some are in disguise but to live a happy life never force anyone in your life because I believe good things don't require stress or force in achieving in it but it comes with your hardwork and at the end of it all you will be happy with your instincts and move in eradicating the negative move towards such situations.

Stay happy no matter the situation


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