A new day is a blessing received to achieve other success

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It is a privilege to witness a new day and as human we should be grateful for that because it is the first blessing we encounter to pursue other success in the sense that when there's life there's hope.

Many wishes to see a new day but didn't and we alive today to witness it, we should be grateful for it because is not that we are better than those that are gone but because of the special grace been given to us which is the first blessing been encountered.

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In that aspect how do we start our new day when we wake up in the morning knowing fully well that we have a fresh activities to perform for that day and a goal that still need to be achieved. When witnessing a new day do we normally draft our activities for the day so as to make it better than the previous ones or we just do it the normal way we use to, knowing fully well that a mission needs to be accomplished .

There's an adage that says "the dream of the future is more valuable than the history of the past" which means in every of our daily lives we should always put effort and hardwork in whatever we are doing to be better than our past since it can't change anything.

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The dream of everyone is to be greater than their past history or achievement knowing fully well that the past can't change the future and there should be a better effort to conquer that which is to follow your dreams.

There's another saying that says "a drop of water makes a mighty ocean" which means regardless of what is been put to place gradually with determination, courage and focus will definitely yield to success when practiced consistently meaning no effort is lost but a mission towards getting that desired goal .

To witness a new day is a fresh beginning in other to continue with our progress to make improvements in whatever we are doing to beat the past history or records in the present for the future with new ideas and plans to follow.

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The true fact is that as humans there's always goals and plans been set to accomplish because the road towards it is rough and tough but determination toward it is needed because challenges will occur which may make one to resist or pursue that goal, but if you truly know your desired dreams that needs a positive results such challenges won't be a problem.

Determination and consistency matters a lot which develop courage from making oneself not to resist from achieving success with the fact that you really know what you want to aim with ideas and goals set to focus on your progress.

A proverb also says that "the slow movement of a tiger is not a mistake but a calculated accuracy" meaning since the goal is already put to practice, gradually the goal would be achieved slowly and steady since such person knows what he or she is doing towards it with a positive move.

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Developing new habit too matters towards your plans and also creating more time for yourself so you can improve in your productivity to achieve your fulfilled dreams.

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Yeah that is determination and focus and not giving up. Thanks for stopping by