Who Are The Peoples Around You?

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It doesn't matter who you are or your background. But the question are
👉Who are the people around you
👉Who are you to those around you
👉Who are the people you spend your time with.

Are they people motivated or people that put you in danger.?

How good people around you are helping you become version of yourself?
I publish three days ago about "three kind of people. Those who make things happen, those watch things happen and those who ask what happened. Those are categories of three kind of people. Nobody decide for your life when you choice your path the least they will tell you is to be caution when you're making a wrong steps.

Today I will also give three categories of set of people that stay around:

Supportive Mind

Those are set of people in your life who are pushing you to do good and better. They're supportive brain behind you, they respect your choice and actions and give you a support when you're down because they know your weak point. They are also successful people in their way and Motivated.

Inactive People

Those are set of people give a support to your goals but they are not active in your life. They are really suck away with their own problems.

Success sucker

Those are not people you can associate with, if one live in your family or friends they way you have to relate with them must be distance, those kind of people can't be company with; all they want is to pinned you down away from your success. Those kind of people are also set into two categories:

  1. Those that blame people for their failure or wrong thing in their lives.
  2. Those that help you and later use their help against you: for instance a person help you to get contract and telling you because the contract comes from him you have to divide into his shares or people beef you after helping you that your making it more than them.

Remember a proverb which said bad communication corrupt good manners, set your self away from bad eggs with distance. There is famous Greek Philosopher, Epictetus, which said "the key of keeping company is to keep company only with people who uplift you.
The purpose of keeping friends is to share a common commitment to the good.

Take the look around you, are you beneficial from people around you, are they helping to your success or hurting you. Life Is a choice if there is no benefit from them or they are not speed your goal, don't be afraid keep a distance, don't cut them off completely.
Move a little bit away then you can work with people that support you, remember life is a freeworld make your choice wisely..



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