Question Of The Week Season 9.1 . What Does Spirituality Mean To You?

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Spirituality is believing in oneself, transcendent forces, or other people. - Webster Online Dictionary (2013).

As we all know, it is good to do good research before you dive into what you understand about certain topics.
The more clarified spirituality has an infinite definition, different people believe that it is something you believe in, while some say it as something you believe and feel.

It's hard to come up with your definition on your own. When I asked more people, as usual, I think people always ask to contribute to my success on this @ecotrain @qotw, my first approach, the person said, "believe that everything that happens in life is done on purpose, explain the feeling further we have through our soul on something we do not see.
The other person gives spirituality in the religious sense. Said that believing in something you believe is greater than yourself and having faith in humanity.
The third person I asked gives the meaning of spirituality, being religious is the quality of being spiritual. You believe in a higher being, religious belief, or supernatural power.

Back to my uncle, his answer made me laugh at all the people I asked, he defined spirituality as having faith and our acceptance of what we can not see but feel. I asked him directly, are you talking about God, he laughed, and replied something like that.

After I asked people what the word spirituality means to them, it turns out that everyone has something different about it, but what struck me is that they all mentioned religiously the most in their definitions.
Then I lead to my conclusion to give what I understand so far about spirituality.

What spirituality means to me

What spirituality means to me is different from others. Spirituality goes beyond religion.
spirituality is the person's spiritual self, which is what drives you, gives you energy, and influences you. I can say the feeling of your connection to something greater than ourselves.
For example, some find their spiritual life when they pray in the church, the mosque, the temple. While others may find it sacred to look into the eyes of the status quo or find comfort in a personal relationship with God or higher power.
All experiences that bring contact with the divine.
When we associate spirituality with religion, we are certainly talking about how to practice right rituals, what is wrong and right, and what is true and false. But spirituality is thinking about your personal life, that is, connected, how should I live or act in the world.
The three similarities that bring them closer together are: Faith, Comfort, and Reflection.


I think with this little definition I make a point about what is meant by spirituality.

What spirituality means to me might totally different from yours. Join us and partake in this #qotw and let see what you can say about it.

It really a privileged to partake in this new year question #qotw by #ecotrain. A big thanks to ecotrain Community and the great people that make this world a better place. Happy New year to everyone.





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