Italian prime minister and his government take down private and greedy interests

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Almost 2 years ago a bridge collapsed.

The video deserves to be replayed to avoid forgetting its impact on us Italians:

The government Lega - M5S immediately thundered against the Benetton family, labelling it as solely responsible for that huge disaster.
Many things have changed since then, but not the president of the council who, under a new government, has not given up on the need for action against the Benetton family and their position within the Autostrade group.
As noted in recent years, and as sealed within the dossier on the government table in recent days, Atlantia and its executives would have profited enormously from their position by not guaranteeing the maintenance and safety of the motorway network granted to them by the state.
Excluding the very personal and valid personal opinions, it is a fact that the Benettons have benefited from their position.
Italy is the country with the most expensive tolls and the lowest level of maintenance.
It is easy, and correct, to conclude that those who hold control of a company that collects a lot and invests little in prevention and care of the service it provides, are getting richer to the detriment of customers/consumers or Italian citizens in this case.
The "Conte" line provided for the total exclusion of the Benettons from the motorway company tour, or at least its irrelevance. Conte always asked that those who had, for years, put private property before public property, taking economic advantage of it and entailing an enormous cost in lives (43 deaths in Genoa), should be punished, cornered.

What happened last night is sensational.

For the first time in at least 40 years we have seen a government that has asserted the strength of the State, of the country, of the people in the face of private interests, of so-called liberal capitalism.
All this in spite of the efforts of the lords of darkness, of the newspapers, of the backstabbers, of friends of friends, hoping to the last to be able to resolve everything with a handshake.
And there was a handshake, only on the one hand there were the greedy and rich private interests who were quietly surprised as if they had seen death in the face, and on the other a proud, courageous, valiant and satisfied State.
The Benettons remain but will be irrelevant. They will go from being "masters", to being ousted from the Board of Directors, with shares below 10%, no executive in the assets and a gradual inconsistency both in terms of numbers and decision making.
The State will be the main shareholder through Cassa Depositi e Prestiti.
All appeals filed by Atlantia will be withdrawn with immediate effect.
Severe penalties and conditions will be introduced in the event of default and errors by Atlantia.
Highway charges will be lowered.
Maintenance works subsidised by the Benetton family will be carried out.
A triumph on the entire line.
They will all try to make it their own, M5S and PD in the first place. The truth is that without the teamwork and steady hand of an unexpected leader like Conte, all this would never have happened.
On the right meanwhile, they're going to brown and try to throw it to "tarallucci and wine".
Renzi eats his hands. Her friends have been put to the door.
Her line, non-existent, now has zero chance of existing.
The Italians win.
We win.
And now we trust this government and in our own little way we try to change direction, in the name of a new start, of the green economy, of the fight against tax evasion, of fairness.

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