Skinny Guy Problems

Why People get so bothered

For many years I have been a skinny guy, many would say too skinny. But unless I am working nonstop I don't look unhealthy.

Obviously when I work longer hours and I am more tired I look worst but no matter Your weight everyone is the same. Maybe because of my weight people tend to make a scene and point that I am too skinny and worry too much.

These are just some photos of my lunch on my break at work.

Annoying questions and conversations

Remember that I have mirrors and I can see myself. I don't need You calling me out all the time. If You follow me for a while You can see that a lot of my content is related with food. And if You follow me on my social medias You know I am talking about food all the time.

Dealing with Society standards of how aguy should look like are already very difficult for any young teenager that is growing up. Nowadays this comments and conversations don't affect me anymore because I have learned a lot and worked on myself and accepting my body. But maybe a Younger boy that is just growing up and is naturally skinny will possibly generate them some psychological problems that can influence and generate physical problems.

Be careful

The next time You want to have a conversation about someone's weight think twice and think about what You are going to say. I was and maybe still am guilty of doing jokes related with people weight or body figure. Been working on being more aware of how that can affect others and instead trying to have conversations that are positive around this theme. We all have to gain with that. And everyone is just going to be happier and healthier.

Skinny Guys

To all my fellow healthy skinny guys out there. Never forget that You are beautiful and You don't need to feel less of a guy because Your body is not according the standards of what society says a "guy" should look like. You be You. You be healthy and You be happy.


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