I call it Courgolette

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Let's make Courgollete a thing

Trying new meals at home. The other day I wanted to have something I never had before. So I thought what about preparing an omelette with a ratio of eggs to courgette balanced the other way around.

Just pan-fry some courgettes in olive oil with some of your favourite seasonings and when they are cooked at Your taste add a couple of eggs.

In this portion for one full courgette and only two eggs. So it won't become an omelette with courgette and instead it is a courgolette with eggs.

Surprise, surprise it was delicious and I will for sure be cooking this once again.


Add some carbs

My carbs of choice was Penne pasta that I have boiled, with just some salt. After it is cooked just added sweet chilly sauce with pineapple and just mixed it on low fire for a couple of minutes.

This got me going for the whole day and it tasted delicious.



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