Baking Jacket Potatoes for the first time

in hive-120586 •  2 months ago 

Today was my time to cook and for some reason I thought it would be a good idea to bake some jacket potatoes, even if I have never baked them before or even like potatoes that much.

I would say that it was all looking great and smelling great. The biggest disappointment was the flavour.

It was not to bad but also was not quite there.


I feel that the potatoes also needed to be on the oven for a little bit longer. But for a first time I guess it was not too bad.

Maybe next time I will master it at least I am hopping for it.


But at least for now I am free of cooking for a couple of days. And that is a relief for me. Because I kind of can cook but not really.

But I will still keep bringing You all the dishes we are having this quarantine.



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Practice make the man perfect. Keep it up.

I hope so.

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