How To Build Food Storage Layers In The New Year!

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I feel FREE with my food storage. Who else remembers the craziness from a few years ago? I still remember standing in the grocery store staring at bare shelves thinking I’m never going to allow myself to be in this situation again. You don’t have to be in that situation either, and I’m sure IM SURE more things will be coming down the pipes that result in empty shelves. Don’t find yourself scrambling last minute. NOW IS THE TIME TO PREP!

Start building your food storage by buying extra goods of what you already buy. You get black beans? Grab a few extra cans. Noodles? Get a few extra bags. Slowly, watch your food storage build. Start working on long term methods such as using Mylar bags for long term storage or number 10 cans. It’s simple and doesn’t have to be difficult.

The best way to ensure a continual food storage is to grow a garden. Find a community ploy or a friend or neighbor to share a garden with if you don’t have the room. Get crafty with small areas— it’s doable and excuses are lame imo. At the end of the day, either you will be staring at empty shelves wondering why the heck you didn’t prepare sooner or you prepare now and set yourself up for an unpredictable future. This isn’t to inspire fear, just the sad reality. Build now, ask questions later.

How are you building your food storage?

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Hi there, @gubbatv. 😃 Your video is brilliant. I agree now is the time to build food storage. Your pantry looks cool.

I have like a mini short-tern food storage because of pests. How do you deal with pests that destroy long-term stored food especially grains?

Thanks for sharing this instructive video. 😊😊