This Years Fall Garden Harvest

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When getting my homestead the first thing that came to mind was a lush garden. The reality of it was a small garden of some garlic, leafy greens (I had forgotten about lol) and raspberries and blackberries that were here from the previous owner.

Before I knew it spring had set in and my garden simply was not ready. All of the work I’ve been doing to clean up the homestead including getting chickens and a cow lead me to not having any time to prepare the garden.

I ended up getting a farm share which provided a ton of fresh produce (mainly to my chickens) and a friend who dropped off tons of tomatoes. I had so much I had to get a little crafty with what to do with it all. Here’s a short video of this years fall garden harvest and what I did with it thanks to some friends.

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Wow, that's quite impressive!


Yay! 🤗
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Spaghetti squash! Great alternative to spaghetti pasta, with your favorite pasta sauce on top.

oh this looks good! 😋

just watched your My Bees Are Under Attack! on YT, crazy stuff

Any idea where they came from? Are those feral Bees?

No idea where they came from. I'm just hoping my hives survive and can rebuild for the winter. I'm pretty bummed out that I may lose them.

It's some real-life drama going on there. No other beekeeper in a two miles radius around your hives?

There are some but they are small scale. It only takes one bee though. All a learning process as well with many of the things I do here on the Homestead lol