Why is Samsung better than iPhone?

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Samsung VS iPhone

This is very simple. Samsung is better than iPhone in probably everything. Don't get me wrong. I love both. But as a photographer and a video content creator is like having the most powerful tool with you all the time.

If I would see this photo online and someone was to tell me this was captured with a Samsung mobile phone, no tripod, no timer and still came this clean and sharp. I probably wouldn't believe.

But I have captured this photo below so I can assure you that's what happened.


This is not meant to annoy or shade the iPhone users. But you would never be able to capture something like this with your phone.

Still if you prefer the UI and the phones themselves. Keep them. To each their own.

I can't wait to keep capturing more amazing images like this. I love to create new memories and surprise myself with my own works.


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If it's just a camera, I'm sure apple will ship it with the next batch. I think the next iPhone has a 5k camera, not sure. I don't like the way Samsung OS operates as much as iPhone, just my preference. Us apple people won't switch, we're really loyal!! Thanks for the info, upvoted anyway even though I get really annoyed by the headline - lol! haha

The super crisp images that we see from smartphones are largely due to the software in the camera. Traditional cameras would focus light on a photo element. The photographer would activate a shutter and whatever hit the photo element would be the picture.

The smartphones are sampling images over time and making micro adjustments to the focal length. They then stitch together a crisper image.

One might see image quality improve or deteriorate with software updates.

I worry about smartphones because smartphone companies build in planned obsolescence. I thought about getting a new smartphone, but decided that I did not trust the manufacturers.

Oh wow, thanks for that great explanation, it makes lot of sense the re-sampling and re-stiching the data.

True smart phones do plan in obsolescence, one prime example is the battery on the iPhone. Since the battery cannot be easily swapped out it causes issues in time. The main reason I upgraded my iPhone was due to the battery not holding a charge. It took years for all this to play through, but that is the time Apple decided they needed more of my money I guess. One thing that would cause was an issue when the phone would brick up, there was no way for me to restart without waiting for the battery to die, usually took 24 hours! Luckily in my new iPhone I figured out when it bricks I tap the right bottom arrow twice, and it broke the endless loop. Those were the only real issues I found with the phone. I think I reported these issues to them, and they fixed all but the battery thing so far. Also good thing to note, my new iPhone rarely ever crashes. The phone does not like oil and weed resin, that was one thing that would crash it.

The new "mirrorless" cameras use similar software to enhance the photos; When I was looking at phones I decided that I would do better to buy a cheap phone and save my money to buy a new camera.

Eheh I know you do. Not saying this is your case. But iOS users like to trash android users all the time but usually they can't hear anyone saying thw opposite. And also it not just the camera. Samsung and Android in general right now (and for quite a good amount of years) it is way more advanced than apple. Everything that you will have in 2 years. Android for sure have it now already. What Apple have is a great marketing team. And that's why so many loyal users.

Here's what Steve Jobs has to say about that!!

Screenshot 2021-05-20 at 8.25.14 PM.png

Lol this really looks like Steve was giving the camera girl the BIRD! Haha!

Screenshot 2021-05-20 at 8.24.51 PM.png

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I ha e to say I’ve had both Android and iPhone devices and prefer iPhone, iPad etc as it’s more stable than android, far less crashes, also the version of photoshop on android is not half as good as the iOS versions. Not to rain on anyone’s parade, but I think a lot of it is down to personal preference. It kind of reminds me of the ax spectrum vs Commodore 64 or even Betamax vs vhs way back in the 80’s lol