Quarantine got me modelling my best friend's underwear!

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Stay at home they said!

When all this started I came to my best friend to stay here for a couple of nights since I was still working.

Cut to today and me being here for 2 weeks already. I haven't brought anything with me but one change of underwear.

So I have been wearing all his clothes.



I was coming out of the shower and I saw an opportunity to grab some underwear photos. Haven't shaved at all for a while now so I am coming back to my werewolf form.

And I don't mind. I have spoke about it before. I do prefer to shave and have no body hair. But it is something that I am not very bothered with.


This last couple of photos are the most "weird" ones per say because You know that I am awkward when I am modelling.

As per usual I know this photos will scare away some People, get me some negative reactions. Why? Because I am not fit and don't have a six pack. As a male if You don't have that attributes apparently photos like this are not seen with good eyes.

If that was the case I would get extra love.

And this is one of the reasons I keep doing self portraits like this. We need to feel comfortable in our own bodies and be able to start looking at the human form in a more natural away.



But if You feel uncomfortable with this photos and this type of content feel free to unfollow me. But also and even better than unfollow me leave a comment, tell me why do this bother You or why do You find uncomfortable. I would Love to know and talk a little bit about it.


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Nice penis you got there my friend. 😆

Thanks blushing