CTP Power Up Challenge - already 21 participants

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A couple of days ago we have started the CTP Power Up Challenge. You can learn everything about this challenge in this post and you can still take part!

So far 21 people have enrolled in the challenge and we are looking forward to seeing how much CTP tokens we will be able to stake together.

A big improvement for the CTPSB project

Like every Sunday, we have paid the dividends to the delegators of this project. By the way, the return for the delegators this week has been astronomic. Check-out the video ;-).

What was different today was that the dividends were paid in two installements. For the first time the dividends were paid automatically using a script that @amr008 has written for us. A big shout out to him. He spent hours today to help me install this script on my computer and run the dividend paiements. This is a huge time saver for me and I'm very greatful! The first installement today was a test run. This is why you have recieved two paiements.

The project continues to grow

We have reached a new record of Hive Power with which the account is upvoting your posts. These upvotes add a huge value to our posts and help us grow faster on the blockchain.

Watch the video on Lbry

Learn more about the CTP Swarm Booster:


I am powering CTP as often as I can, I did that just few hours ago. Now that the CTP cryptocurrency is starting to gain value, I think there will be more users onboarding in this space and the hype will bump it up. Great to be a part of this and to grow with it!

ENTRY 24: @behiverctp starts with 2053 CTP staked!

Hope you don't mind if I add you to the challenge. I'm sure you will stake some CTP anyways:-)

Hey have I been added to the challenge lol. I love challenges.

Nice work buddy.

Hope you are telling me :)

Thanks @saachi

Yeah, that was meant for you only for setting the script.

Ah its okay :) Least I could do for the community .

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It will be my pleasure to stake some more!

Just getting into this ctp stuff. Had a bunch of miners a while ago but had to sell for personal stuff. Just bought 1500 miners though and now I’m going to power up a bunch of ctp in the future weeks. Need to study more on this swarm stuff though.

ENTRY 25: @dkid14 starts with 4888 CTP token staked

I hope you don't mind that I've added you to the challenge. Since you will probably power up some more;-)

Miners are the best investment for long term , since the CTP prices are raising , you will get good returns :)

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Smartest game plan to get more CTP Tokens right now looks to be the delegation to CTPSB.

No brainer for me...But I'll just burn them LOLOL

Amazing . I think displaying ads and burning using them will further raise the value of CTP. Don't you think?

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That's the plan. I burn my ctpsb weekly rewards and we'll be having ads on the new CTPtalk front end. Buying CTP with the revenue and burning

That would take the price even higher .

runs and buys more CTP

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This weeks APR for delegations was over 30% LOL. You might be quite right about that!

O wow....
Good work @amr008
Thanks team..

My pleasure :)

We are getting better and better ;-)

I got the idea When I saw 2 transaction on wallet. I guess number of participants will increase.

We are at 26 already and counting :-)

yeah. Another successful event in progress.

Just saw the video . I want to enroll myself for the contest -

Here is the screenshot

Also thanks a lot for the shoutout :)

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ENTRY 26: @amr008 starts with 523 CTP staked

Thanks for taking part and thanks again for your amazing work !

I'm interested. Starting with 5,000 CTP Stake.


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ENTRY 29: @uyobong starts with 5000 staked CTP

Great to have you in this challenge!

Thanks for the warm welcome. More marketing for CTP.

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I don't earn much CTP but I'll add myself to the contest. The more participants, the better it is. I already staked my daily earnings this morning when I got up so it is slightly up.


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ENTRY 33: @jfang003 starts with 66 CTP staked!

I took the amount before you staked today. Like that you have already 8 tokens in the challenge :-)

Thanks for including my amount before I staked today. It is just habit to stake everything that comes in over night when I wake up.

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I know how hard is to find a developer (programmer) who knows his job these days... So, big shoutout to @amr008 for helping you with this! It will spare you a lot of time!


Definitely man and he actually spent a couple of hours with me to make sure that the program would work on my computer :-)

for you

Thanks for the beer :-)