Market Report - Eventful day yesterday

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Hello Hivians,


Let me jump on the bandwagon:


Enough said about that! I was going through my Twitter feed and great job @nathanmars and everyone else on pushing Hive since the DT issue happened. And I see Parler has been removed from APP stores.

I feel/I know I am in the right place and in the right place in time!

Market Report:


To me the graphic is showing consistent growth of the Index token. So far 2021 looks all green and upwards. Fantastic.


With almost 42K in Hive traded and breaking 5 in the last 24 hours, and once again the lovely trend on the graphic. All good!


It would appear that CTP Token had a busy day yesterday. Was it a record day in volume, @jongolson, ? I am loving what I am seeing.


My little token that will. I almost forgot to ask for help today:

I am still waiting/hoping for someone to step forward to guide me with distribubot. I know there are a lot of great people out their in the community and should be able to help or get the world out that I am looking for help. This is the first goal I want to get done in 2021. HELP. ;)

I have not mentioned the Curation Trail in awhile. If you are wondering about it, you can read all about it and what I believe are the benefits.


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Have a great day all.