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Hello, how are you all friends, on this happy occasion I hope you are all still in good health, and still under the protection of God Almighty. As usual I want to post a post about photography, namely flowers.

This is a flower to decorate a room, or a cactus flower, this flower is usually placed in a room to decorate the sides of the room, I found this flower in my yard which was planted directly by my younger sister, and this flower is pink.

Apart from that, this flower also has several colors, such as red, and here I also share red flowers. Apart from that, this flower is also a flower that is easy to live with, because it is resistant to the dry season.

That's my post on this happy occasion, I hope you like it, thank you to all of you who have helped me a lot so far and see you in my next post, thank you.





Photo TakenSmartphone infinik not 8
LocationNorth Aceh - Indonesia
App EditorSnapsheed App

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