Five Food Preservation Methods on The Homestead

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Food preservation is a big topic here on the homestead. Going to the store is hours worth of work and who knows what kind of crazy you are going to find there including sold out shelfs or items you went for that are not in stock.

There are also other foodsI’m now creating here on the homestead that don’t have a long shelf life but are in abundance such as milk from my dairy cow who gives me a good two plus gallons a day. I recently dried her off though to get her ready for her baby coming September! She provides me with Milk, butter and cheese. I also have 14 chickens. One recently flew the coop (super sad) and they provide me with so many eggs.

However, even with the cow and chickens there will be a time when the chickens stop laying eggs for winter and my cow won't produce milk.

Here are the top five methods I use for preserving food here on the homestead.

Number 1: Pressure Canning

Pressure canning is used for low acidic foods such as meat.

Number 2: Water Bath Canning

Water bath canning is for high acid foods such as jams and jellies. One of my most recent favorites was when dandelions were in bloom and making dandelion jelly for the first time. So good!

Number 3: Mylar Bags

Lots can be stored in mylar bags with oxygen absorbers. Much of these items will last for 20+ years in storage allowing me to have grains I can grind up for years to come.

Number 4: Freeze Drying

I love my freeze dryer, at least I did in the winter lol. The summer here has been hot, hotter than any other year and with this old farm house I have no AC. When I run the freeze drying itself in the winter it warms the house so you can imagine what it does in the summer. I’ve postponed any freeze drying for the time being but it’s a great way to preserve the nutrition of your foods and flavor for years.

Number 5: Pickling

Pickling has been a new favorite of mine so my sites been getting loaded with new pickling recipes.

There you have it five methods I’m currently using here on the Gubba Homestead to preserve foods.

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Your food preservation techniques are so good... I think have also learnt something new.
Thanks for sharing this wonderful piece with us.

You're welcome!

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