Updated Pantry and Prepper Storage

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Hi Friends!
I recently did an updated tour of my short term prepper pantry. This is the pantry that I eat from and has about 1-3 months worth of food. It’s restocked from the mid term and long term food storage supplies down stairs.

Not one but THREE Grocery hauls for bulk items here on the Gubba Homestead. This grocery haul goes into my prepper storage for both short and long term supplies. One of my favorite new places to shop at is Azure standard and you can check out one of my first hauls right here on 3speak >

I also went over how you order and pick up your products from Azure standard. Since there were some items I wanted to stock up on that Azure didn’t have or the price wasn’t right I found a great deal at Costco which I also love shopping at. Costco has great deals and bulk buying which is perfect for stocking up your long term supplies. Not just food but also your emergency supplies and everyday supplies. Remember my goal is not to survive but to thrive if anything should happen.

Follow me for more prepper tips and join me on my homesteading journey.

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