Feeding My Bees Winter Is Coming

in Homesteadinglast year

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My bees are one of my favorite spots to be around. I find myself out here every night watching them and just enjoying them working away. It's so peaceful.

Since the winter months are soon coming I decided to set up a front feeder for my bees and create a mixture for them. This way they can quickly stock up for the winter. I want to give them the best possible chance this winter as winters here get very cold. I’ll also be insulating the hives for the winter to further help keep them warm and survive the brutal winter that’s about to set in.

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Interesting content, at home mom tried with the little means that our country offers, to have a storage, always called us attention to the ease you have in your countries to store food in quantities, especially that which can produce as in your case the honey from your bees, I hope you get ready for the winter.

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This is a great tip. I am moving back to my family farm next year and bees are one thing on the list next to mushrooms, for personal and commercial purposes. Great video!