Items You Should Be Stocking Up On

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In this vlog I go over some of the critical items I've stocked up on to give you ideas on what you should be stocking up on for any type of situation. Here are five essential items to stock up on.

#1 Camping Supplies

Camping supplies are one of the best things to stock up on. They are already built for being off grid and out in the wild. These supplies offer the ability to cook, drink, rest, relax, shelter and other basic essentials you need to survive. These camping supplies can come with me anywhere and are often a part of bug out bags.

#2 Food Storage and Cutlery

Food storage is a huge part of the Gubba homestead. You need short term 1-3 months midterm 3months -1 year and long term 1 year - 15+ years. Cutlery is also important in this so you have a way to eat your food in a humane way lol. Things like paper towels, plasticware and bags are great easy to stock up on items.

#3 First Aid

You never know what life will throw at you. Having first aid on hand is critical to help you get through those twists that come your way. Depending on your situation and what you want to prepare for you could prepare trauma kits for broken bones etc.

#5 Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning Supplies are another great item to stock up on. You may find yourself having to disinfect a area or just

#5 Hygiene

Idk about you but I like to have good hygiene but maybe you want to be smelling and such in the situation you’re in and don’t need to prep these types of supplies.

I also added two bonus items to stock up on in the video so be sure to watch it. Enjoy!

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These are great tips on what to prepare for. You are fully stocked!

Great work Gubba! How do you balance good prepping with having too much clutter around?