I love buying the dip πŸ’ΈπŸ’ΈπŸ’Έ(Not financial advise Do not take financial advise from anyone)

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Hello friends family followers stars good morning

Ok let's go so I love buying the dip on certain cryptos

I've been buying a lot of long term holds I only buy cryptos I believe in

I've been stacking the bag big time

This is a opportunity that could change your life the prices haven't been this low in a very long time

It's funny really because I was talking to some friends about this a while ago saying how good it would be to be buying certain things at certain price's and we are now at them price's

I would say to anyone who is thinking to invest in crypto make sure you have enough money in the real world because with crypto a lot of things go to zero so please be very very careful when investing and also never ever buy something just because someone spoke about that is one of the worst mistakes you can make

Always do your own research before investing into anything as anything could go to zero and we have seen many cryptos go to zero

We have seen many exchange's going bankrupt

We have seen crypto projects make promises that turn to shit πŸ’©

So again please be very careful what you invest in it might look good on the outside but you always need to take a closer look

Please don't take anything I said as financial advise it's just my thoughts and opinions

Good luck investing

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Really cool digital masterpiece.

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