Free egg head punk's nft giveaway

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Hi everyone I'm giving away some of my egg head punk's collection I'm giving away 20 eggheadpunks to 20 different people my Nfts are available on open sea

Check out my collection in the metaverse

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Rehive this post

Comment when done

You will need a Eth address so I can send the nft to it

I would say create a new metamask or trust wallet and share it here if you want as the first people to complete all step's will have a much higher chance of winning

If you don't want to send your Eth address here you can send it to my Instagram kgakakillerg

Follow my egghead_punks on twitter

Good luck everyone and big thanks in advance for taking part

If you do win please create a post about winning in the star's community and I will definitely give you a nice vote thanks again for taking part everyone good luck

kgakakillerg original content


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rehive and also I have share it on twitter. i hope you will have a great sale on opensea

Thanks 👍🏾 would you like one

That is too much if I ask one, you have help me a lot my friend.
keep it at you opensea account, And I hope it can sell well. :)

Ok cool thanks for the support to I appreciate it 🤝🏾

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Hello @kgakakillerg. I voted and rehived your post. I hope the participants who respond like their NFT.

Thanks for sharing with members of Hive.

👋🏾 thanks for the support much appreciated 🤝🏾

Would you like one 👍🏾

I would love one; however, I don't have an ETH account; only have the NFT Showroom.

If you do want one all you need to do is set up a new metamask or trust wallet send the wallet address here and I can send you one over

so cool.. but i have never done NFT before...
my ETH address is 0x3B2F5B68BF21fa4f136430667950eE9BfCcb7CEe

I have re-Hived too... thanks

I will send some time today 👊🏾

I dont understand how to receive NFT...

I tried to send it's not working I think you need to send the actual wallet address for trustwallet or metamask

My metamask account for receiving 0x3B2F5B68BF21fa4f136430667950eE9BfCcb7CEe

I am not sure what else to do

This address is for Ethereum main network.

I can send u the polygon or matic network addres

It looks identical to me

I will try sending it there when I get back later today 👊🏾

I’ll look at my TronLink wallet. But that one uses TRC20 protocol

The receiving address for tron via trc20 :


Sent to your other address let me know if you received

I sent it over to this address did you receive

I didn’t receive. MetaMask doesn’t show anything. Maybe I hve to manually add the token to MetaMask. Not sure how to do that

What is the token known as. The code.

If you have a open sea account you should see on there it's on the matic/polygon blockchain