Last night's dinner homemade

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Hi everyone good morning here's some photographs I took of yesterday's dinner homemade

kgakakillerg original content

I made roast chicken roast potatoes cauliflower cheese and Yorkshire pudding's it was delicious

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Here's the third and final photograph I took of yesterday's dinner
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Wow! I am suffering now! No food yet!! Yorkshire puddings!!

Thanks 👍🏾 I wish I could have sent you some maybe next lol 😂👍🏾

Very kind of you! Those Yorkshire puddings and potatoes! Double these! LoL

No problem I'll send you two doubles lol 😂👍🏾

Maybe a recipe. I see you're a fabulous cook creating mouthwatering dishes for dinner.

Thanks for sharing.

I was doing recipes before but it took to long and also I wasn't getting support so I just share like this thanks for stopping by 🤝

I see. Mostly the posts with recipes and step-by-step instructions publish in Foodies Bee Hive. I understand.

Is the Stars Community still active? I don't see a lot of author's posts to visit.

Even if I post a full recipes I never really get support even in food bee hive so I don't even post in that community any more I think I actually unsubscribe to that community to

I've just started posting again in the star's community myself so yeah it's active just hopefully more people start posting in the star's community again 🤝