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No one was created by mistake I believe that strongly. Many at times when purpose isn't found abuse becomes a substitute.
There's a destiny orchestrated for everyone from everywhere.

In an attempt to find fulfilment and relevance in the world, deliberately consider some few tips that would help to attain any goal. It's possible you might have read about many steps to catapult one to destiny this might be just another recipe.

In pursuance of destiny kindly consider the following tips;

  • Where lies your passion?
    Ask yourself what do you like doing always? What do you normally give your attention to?why do it take time to accomplish such task? Every human has passion for one thing or the other and sometimes this is also traceable to hobbies.
    You can't arrived at destiny if you don't know your passion. Don't hesitate or copy others because your track for the life's journey is different from others.
  • Identify your skill. In the present society and with the high economic challenges, what facilitates the reality of reaching destiny is skill. This is what builds up competencies. I remembered when I was younger, l learnt how to cut hair. Some skills might not be relevant at a moment but it will speak volumes much later. Some are meant for special purposes.
    There are different kind of skills it could be communication skills, writing skills, reading skills, innovative skills. It can further be looked as inter and intra skills.
    I know of a friend that though had good certificate from school but today turns to a business man. Guess what? He's doing excellently well exploring his skill and fulfilling purpose in life.
  • Get a mentor. With my little experience in life, I discovered many young people find it difficult to arrive at their goal or destiny due to lack of a mentor. Most of them aren't consistent in what they do because no one oversees them. Any one that lacks guidance that means you are working towards an unrealistic destination.
  • Time management is also an important tip as far as I am concerned. In pursuance of destiny, identify some possible distraction which can easily lured a man to lose focus. Learn how to invest quality time for productive results.

There are other surplus tips to drop but I believe the aforementioned would give a glimpse to securing a powerful destiny.

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I really enjoyed the post my friend thanks for sharing in the stars community 👊🏾 @tipu curate 2

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