A Little Word if I May and Some Helpful Advice...

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OK here we go...from now on, unless I make an exception, no entries to my game from anyone with a rep. under 50. This has been a rule for a long time which I've let slide but from today, it will rigourously enforced. This is for two reasons.

Firstly, because there are still accounts being set-up to simply farm comments.

I know who is behind it but if there is no plagiarism, there is no problem but I'm not having it on my blog as entering with multiple accounts is unfair on other players. Accounts with bought delegations from blocktrades will come under close scrutiny. I am not giving HBI shares to people who are taking the piss and will not make a profit from having them in the long term. Again, they could be going to people with a long-term outlook who play fair.

Secondly, many accounts playing here with low reps have been caught by @hivewatchers and are on a blacklist.

Again, I know a number of you were given appeals and I am hoping you finish your appeal process, get off the blacklists and build your reps again but until you hit a rep of 50, no entry to this competition.

However, I will support anyone in their posts to build up their reputations and am always available around the Chain if you want any advice.

Friendly Advice...

Hive and @sportstalksocail are NOT Crytpo faucets. There is no free lunch and it takes time to build your reputation and create engagement and relationships with other users. Did I mention it takes time AND hard work? I will keep mentioning this. You could of course simply buy-in with many thousands of dollars but most of us don't have that luxury and need to slog away over time. A lot of you are relatively new users but you are not stupid and can see and learn and should not be trying to 'game' things or wasting your time trying to get something for nothing. Life doesn't work like that and neither does Hive.

People who have been here a while have seen it all before. The older members and the (most importantly for you) the big whales and @hivewatchers have seen it all before, it's doubtful there are new tricks that any of us don't know about. You might earn some very small and very short term profits by gaming and taking the piss but if you want to try and secure a long term and financially secure future you need to put in the hard work, be genuine and most of all be consistent. Those big shot accounts you all follow religiously in an attempt to get big upvotes could be YOU in a few years. Most of my audience today are all youngsters. You have time in abundance so why waste it playing the idiot?

A Couple of Things About Creating Posts...

DO NOT: Use translation tools to translate once, or even twice a published article to try and fool people. This is so easy to spot that it's untrue and many clever dicks have tried and been banned in the past. 'Spinning' is also very easy to spot!

ALWAYS: Source any photos you use and reference where you have got any information from.

(PS Be careful using copyright photos even if you source them. I personally disagree with a lot of copyright law and don't care what people use as long as they don't pass them off as their own but this is just MY opinion and not necessarily either Sportstalk's or Hive's)

TRY: And put personal opinion and views into what you write, it helps create connections to the reader.

BE GENUINE: I don't care how good your English is or how clever you are, I want to see EFFORT and SINCERITY. 100 words and a picture doesn't cut the mustard. Talk about sport in your country, tell us about your life and your own sporting likes and dislikes and what you personally play! As an example, I have a load of Nigerian guys on my contest every day, I have no idea about football in Nigeria or any other sports there! Write about it. I sadly know fuck all about grassroots sport in the many African countries so tell the world and all the other ignorants like me all about it!! Apart from football, what other sports are popular there? You guys should be ashamed you haven't written about it already!

COPY: the big shots here, see what the biggest earners do and learn from their style and their engagement. Have you ever closely examined a post by @cryptoandsports for example? There is a reason he earns a fortune every post. HE is also a curator for OCD, if he recommends your post, you could make a huge amount but he doesn't recommend shit! PUT IN THE EFFORT


Now for some specific exceptions that apply to my game and my account.

@pthker2010 how is your appeal process going? You want to work through it and build your rep then follow what @hivewatchers have told you and I will upvote every article with both this and my main account to help you build your reputation back up and get off the blacklists. If you want to keep using this account, let me know in comments and I will help you.

@ralph75 has been in the game a long time and although it's an alt. for someone and has a rep under 50, I have no reason to suspect him of nefarious deeds.

Anyone else wants help or to stay in the game, talk to me in comments or if you want to just carry on as you were, no problem also, but be prepared to take responsibility for the results of your own actions.

That's it for today, back to normal tomorrow with a new game. Take care guys and listen to the old man!

Marching On Together


PS @nikkybabe won 5000 tokens for being the only person to get the first goalscorer. No one got the 0-1 result.
1 HBI share each were sent out to @harpreetjanda and @yeckingo1



Thanks a lot for taking firm action and I forcing the rules.
It’s very important they the platform stays fair. Multiple accounts for farming is not acceptable.
I stand with you .
!luv 1

I always appreciate your support and engagement mate, real people, real posts. You can spot the straight up folks a mile away. You take care fella :-)

A good thing going forward. Getting 50+ rep is really easy for anyone with genuine intentions who make a little bit of effort. It's not much to ask at all.

Absolutely mate. I've seen newbies with their first post hit rep.50 if its good and happened to be picked up by a few big players. Some of the accounts I've been seeing are not even making posts, just comments, we need engagement but I wonder if we need to re-examine our methodology of getting it to stop this nonsense....of course, we wouldn't need to do anything different if people just played with a straight bat! (Cricketing idiom lol)

I haven't really bothered enforcing any reputation requirement on my giveaways as I also take participants from other platforms. At least Rising Star game-wise, I think it makes sense since some people are only there to play games and not really blog. However I do agree that sometimes I think there are a few people trying to game the system.

I agree with you about some folks just joining to play games which is a great thing that they do. I wouldn't bother with the rep. rule normally but I always have a little scratch between the surface to get a feel of who is who!

Most of low rep account are doing comment farming in name of "Engagement program". there are so many comment, it is not individually possible to check all comments. so they are just making large number of comments and some might not even reading the post.

I agree with you mate and it's an issue that needs addressing and its one of the reasons all these fake accounts are cropping up. All that effort though for tiny reward. They would be much better trying to create a good post!


Thanks for willing to stand by boss at this trying moment and I want to say
I regretted that step anyway,but have appealed and have done all the needed requirements.

After doing all what I needed to do as instructed by the hive watchers,have been placed on one month watch and am still very much on that right now,won't mind if I can get expection base on your new rules for entry,but if not then I will take it as part of the process to come back better

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No problem, you're back in the game and I'll watch out for the the post they asked you to do each day for 30 days.
Good luck and see you here with your prediction tomorrow mate.

Truth be told After doing all what I needed to do as instructed by the hive watchers,have been placed on one month watch and am still very much on that right now. They should consider newbies or set a rules and regulations

It's a decentralised platform. That means there are no fixed rules, just a general consensus created organically and loosely by the community. The point is, people's base position in life should be fair and honest but they come here and because it's the 'internet' and more anonymous than real life decide those moral standards don't apply, then cheat. At university, if you got caught cheating, what would happen? Thrown out and perhaps legal action taken against you for fraud, whether in your first year or last.

We shouldn't need fixed rules here, just the norms of society and you also mentioned considering newbies, they did. You got an appeal. If you'd have been an old user, you'd have been permanently blacklisted, even last year, newbies were getting 3 and 6 months bans but recently the watchers have started cutting a little more slack.

Accept you were out of order, be humble and genuinely sorry and move on. You're still playing the victim and not taking full responsibility fella. Have a think and then come back and chat mate.