Boxing is it really a sport

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Over the past few years I have always ask my self one question that should boxing be actually be considered as a sport.

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With my own knowledge and understanding participating in sports actually helps in building the body to have fitness in different aspect while engaging in it.

Sports as we all know are meant to be recreational to the participants involve in it and also it is meant to make the human muscles strong in other to maintain fitness and physical balance.

However, other sports has its own disadvantages while performing it but the most important thing is to entertain as well but not compared to boxing that damages the body.

During fight several deaths has been recorded in the act, which arises from injuries inflicted on an opponent by combatants during serious boxing bouts.

If in any ways boxing is considered entertaining to fans and sport lovers isn't the round for both fighters to compete too much in a match bout.

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I could remember two years back when Russian boxer Maxim Dadashev died in a US hospital after a heavy fight with peurto Rican boxer Subriel Matias that year.

The Russian super-lightweight boxer undergo an emergency brain surgery and was carried and placed in a medically coma condition after suffering serious injuries against the Peurto Rican boxer that year.

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That same year saw Argentine boxer Hugo Santillan a 23-year-old boxer also passed away after his super-lightweight bout against Eduardo Abreu a Uruguayan boxer just the same week the Russian boxer Maxim Dadashev passed away.

Sports is said to be recreative and entertaining to those involved in it not to destroy or lose a loved one.

If truly the so called 'boxing' should be considered as a sport activities what are the things that need to be done to make it a better one if truly there's anything to change.

sports should be entertaining not to lose lives


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