Golf at 5 star ⭐ Glenlo Abbey Hotel and Spa in Galway

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A round of golf with old friends

I got out for a round of golf today with some old friends from school. A couple of them are living in London now and they were home so we went to play 18 holes in Glenlo Abbey which is pretty close to my house here in Galway.

It's a really nice golf course, a little bit pricey, but a fine track especially in the Summer months.

Here's a few photos from around the course. I played pretty well, bagging seven pars and a good few bogeys. I did have 3 double bogeys and triple bogey too, but overall it was a solid performance, but the best thing was catching up with old buddies and hearing about how their lives are going in the UK. Stories about wives, children, work and golf were exchanged and it was really good to see the guys.






The Pullman Restaurant

This is a pretty funky restaurant that they have beside the golf course known as the Pullman restaurant. It's an old carriage of the Orient express railway and you can dine on the carriage which I've done before withmy wife and she loved it.

I'm fact, the first time her parents came to visit, we brought them here for dinner.


Here's another few photos from out around the golf course today. You really can't beat a nice round of golf on a Sunday. It's definitely one of my favourite things to do!






The images used throughout are all my own captured on my Samsung Smartphone

Thanks as always for stopping by everyone.

Peace Out

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Looks a great course to shoot some holes.

Ya man, lovely track! Sorry for the extremely tardy response!!

All good man!

I like the picture with the train. The colors almost look digital. Never played golf, though maybe one day I'll get invited to play LoL. :)

Thanks, it's a great restaurant too, 5 star standard