🦋 Butterflies of Bechaniestraat 🦋 Paramaribo, Suriname

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Hi happy Sunday today everybody, I saw butterflies the different kinds of butterflies more after rain here in Paramaribo, Suriname.

They are very beautiful but not easy to took pictures of them.


Behind its is nearly blue and nearly gray color.



Before it’s white color.


I love this butterfly it’s very cute and easy to shoot photography.


This is the black butterfly, this one I never to see before.

It body not the same butterflies the other. It’s very fast, I shots it has only one it play away.


This is butterfly very fast also. It has green and yellow color.


It’s very small butterfly. It has brown color.



This one I don’t know it butterfly or not but it’s nearly butterfly.


This one I love it very much! I shots pictures of it more but I showed only one.


I was took it a few days ago when I walked to the market with my husband.


It wings broken, I don’t know what happened with it but looks so sad.


These are yellow butterflies my country (Cambodia) called it gold butterflies. For the man self body all people called the man gold wings or the man gold butterflies.


I saw gold butterflies flying near my house and in garden maybe 7-8 butterflies everyday.


The gold butterfly in garden.


All the photography took with my phone. Wish you all enjoyed with my photography and wish you all have good luck.


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Wonderful shots! The last 4 are my favourite! 😎

Thank you @trincowski, These are my favorite also but I showed these more. So I want to show the other. 😊

Great post with very beautiful butterfly pictures!

  ·  14 days ago (edited)

Thank you very much @jaki01😍 for your support and your kind words.

You are welcome!:)

I really like that first photo! And the first shot of the white butterfly! So pretty! 😊

Thank you @thekittygirl, I try to do it so long time to shots photos of them but I like 🥰.

butterflies are very beautiful :)

Thank you so much 😊

You are now Bechaniestraat's resident butterfly photographer. I am still impressed with the fact you can drum up enough content for a post with a short walk to the store and back. Love you @Sreypov. Have my daily !BEER even though we don't drink alcohol.

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Very nice photos of several beautiful butterflies! Nice catch! The lighter color one is very beautiful.

Many thanks @kaminchan 😊

Okay! Have a nice day.
Nice camera.

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Beautiful species ... and I like to see different butterflies, that don't live here in my area ... great post.

Thank you very much, I sawed 4-5 different butterflies the other but I can’t to take pictures. I’ll try to do again.

Nice shots!👌

Thank you 😊

If I'm not mistaken that golden butterfly is called a southern monarch. Nice shots:)
Wait until you get to walk around in our backyard little jungle. You might spot a few new ones :)
Are they your favorite insect?

Yeah it’s, I love beautiful butterflies. You know name it all? thank you for comment. Sorry I don’t know you but now I know you 😊 I hope to see you soon.

In my pre teen years I used to know most of the names. I might still have a butterfly book between my collection. Time to go look for it I guess :)

It was nice meeting you and we will meet again soon👍

Wooow there are very beautiful flowers and butterfly...

Yes, it’s, thank you @mehmetfix 😊

Very beautiful butterflies and beautiful photos! Thanks for the post!

You’re welcome 😊 thank you too for your comment and visiting my post.

This was a butterfly dance, excellent! :)

Many thanks @belkisa 😊