The Number Of Use Cases For STEEM Are Expanding

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Initially, there were two choices: hold STEEM (power up) or sell out.

Now, we are seeing many other options. With the opening of marketplaces, people are starting to be able to buy digital goods and services. We are seeing games that enable people to buy assets for the game. Certain applications are gamifying their systems, meaning buying the token might be a smart idea.

I discuss what this all means in the video.

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Even more to that are some tribes token like @reggaesteem token #jahm which you can use in wide range of ways if you ask @crypticat @dmilliz @donald.porter and the likes.

Steem has really gone far beyond hodl or stake.

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man, you are light years ahead, i think you 'get it' 100%

Some days back on Twitter, I saw an hotel saying they have included 'book with Steem' option.

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maybe this is the reason for the current bull run on steem??

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Yes I had seen that. It is in my post this morning.

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