Have time? Use to become better

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Starting the day

Every day is a fresh start. Wake up and invest in Yourself. Today I have decided to just chill outside.

Starting the day with some music, sun, iced cold coffee and nothing else in my mind.

Before this I had already started a laundry and got some groceries.


No better time

Specially now that You got more time in Your hands it is possible for You to focus on You and really work on whatever might have been going on or even in whatever it might have NOT being going on.

Be productive and become the best being You can be.


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You mentioned some posts ago (can't locate it now on your blog) that you thought the more lengthy the post the greater the amount of votes it received. Your theory seems to have been proven true by a recent post of mine which was nothing but the base64 encryption of a photo. Not one readable word in it yet a very long post.

It receieved, perhaps, a record number of votes for a post of mine.

If you are interested to know more what the post was about then it is explained here,

nice. I will check that :D ehehe