Good morning

in gems •  6 days ago 

I wish you a great morning and a wonderful day from the most beautiful valley in the world - Logarska Valley.


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Ohhh great choice.
Enjoy your day!

Thanks. 10K by the creek Črna upstream early in the morning. One of the three most beautiful running trails that I know.

Is 10km rounded, or you have to do 5 there and same 5 back?
We are planning to go to Logarska Valley in mid August and if you say it is such a nice run I have to try it :)

The valley is almost 8 kilometers long. You can run 10K in many different ways. This one was a loop from the entry into the valley to Rszpotje and bsk.

This morning I started a kilometer into the valley and reached Logarski kot before turning back. 10K ago😀

I'll post both reports tonight.

Is this a real place or you pasted a post card photo here? 😇 Beautiful