Blue Knuckles Laughs At Sonic Plus Some More Glitches In Sonic3/Knuckles

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Still making some funny glitch scenes in Sonic 3 And Knuckles!! I've been playing around with Blue Knuckles a bit LOL He will appear in further videos! Got one where he is battling 3 Robotniks in the Bonus Stage. Will post that up at a later date!

I like getting weird and wacky with this game!! Ah, yea reminds me of the childhood, now I glitch it up in a way that would make my younger self proud! LOL

Here is the video on Blue Knuckles laughing at Sonic!!

I found this code where you can spawn Flying Battery Zone Bosses in Sonic 3!! So that's what I did in Angel Island Zone combined with the multi Robotnik boss glitch I like to do. It made the game chaotic and weird!! I like that!! Makes it messed up and fun to play through!!

I got a midway boss and the Robotnik boss from Flying Battery to be there!!

Next is a multi boss glitch done in Launch Base Zone in Sonic 3!! Sonic jumps in the egg capsule as Robotnik jumps in his egg capsule and they fly off at the same time!! The final boss is engaged while knuckles punches the egg capsule Sonic is riding in. Then the Boss scoops up Sonic before he gets there. At the end he is fighting 2 last bosses at once!! Cool!!

I have a few more videos of messing up Sonic 3 that I will post soon. I have a few more glitches I want to try again too!! Can't wait to post another Sonic Glitch video!!!

Here is the last one with the egg capsules

That's awesome!! Perfect!! Just how I like the game!! - nice and glitchy!!!!

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