Tell me a joke for a upvote on your comment read below for more info

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Hello everyone it's that time again tell me a joke if thinking what's he's talking about tell me a joke well let me explain a little basically just tell me a joke in the comment section for a upvote all jokes will get a upvote the better the joke the bigger the upvote it's as easy as that have fun everyone and even if you don't take part please upvote joke's you find funny and reply to them InShot_20191130_204808493.jpg
Thanks for reading this post and before you ask the picture is mine I took this picture at Hollywood bowls

Here's a few more of pictures InShot_20191127_224220837.jpg


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Why do chickens cross the road?
For crossing over to the other side

Why do chickens cross
The road? For crossing over
To the other side

                 - droida

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

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