Yummy Snacks Bought By Papa For Us... :)

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Hey friends! It's past three in the morning from where I live and as usual, I still can't sleep. I usually sleep around four or five in the morning and wake up around noon.

I'm done reading manga updates. I also played some mobile games as usual, so I decided to write my blog. I'd like to share what papa gave us yesterday.


It's the day of the week when people from our area are allowed to go to supermarkets or grocery stores to buy stuff. Papa went out to do some grocery shopping both for the store and our family's consumption. When he arrived, he surprised us with these snacks! :) It's been a while since I ate chocolates~!


I super love Meiji snacks, especially chocolates. Papa bought these from Daiso which is supposed to be a 100 yen shop in Japan, but in the Philippines, the prices start at around 150 to 160 yen. hahah The Meiji stuff are mine, but the Toblerone chocolate is mama's. She really likes it. In my case, I also like it but it's a bit too sweet for me. :) prefer dark ones or not very sweet ones.


Then, we have these Titay's Rosquillos and Otap. They are very popular snacks or souvenirs from Cebu. I really like both otap and rosquillos. It's fun to munch on them while watching something on TV. There's also banana cake, but it's papa's. haha He really likes banana cake that he can eat all of it in one sitting. lol He doesn't do that though, he usually save some for the next snack time. haha


Of course, our baby Arashi also gets something. These are his dentastix and bisscuits... His biscuits are more expensive than mine. hahah Well, he consumes it longer than I do, so no worries.

Because of these snacks and sweets, I need to spend more time on the stationary bicycle to burn the extra calories from these treats. haha Ahhh~ I want it to be weekend already. Although I love and enjoy my job, there's no better day than just lazing around the house watching anime.

It's still Wednesday and I often have Wednesday blues~~ xD I really thought it's already Thursday. haha Oh well...

I'll end this post here. I'll play a couple games and then sleep. I can hear our neighbor's chicken now. See you later~!! 🥰🥰🥰


hello panda and macadamia 🤤🤤🤤 ahhhhh!!!! hahahaha