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Hello all steemmonsters lovers,

Hope you all are well.
How's your quest?

Mine was with Earth Splinter.

Quest was average and take normal time to complete.

Here are the cards I got from quest.


Total three cards, 48 DEC and Potions.

Now my four summoners (Rare) are of lvl4 and one dragon (common) is of lvl5 😊

Here is current evaluation of my account.


Here is my current position in game.


I am a member of Team Possible Power Guild. To join the discord group click on link
You will find really nice people and informative too.

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If you new and want to try the game here is my affiliation link
You can joint the official discord group also (please find the link at the end of the post).

Thanks to @minimining for delegated cards.

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Nice rewards..I hope you will get more nectar queen and level it up..I think you'll have a badass new tank later

This card can be very usefull for no healing and high mana games...
Thanks for stopping by