My Entry for Weekly Battle Challenge - Javelin Thrower

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Hello all steemmonsters lovers,

This is my entry for Share your Battle Weekly Challenge hosted by @splinterlands. Here is the link to post


Javelin Thrower is one of my favorite card from Earth Splinter.

Lets first check the stats of the cards.

From first level it has 4 speed, 4 health and 2 damage along with the Piercing ability. So it has a fast cards and can give good damage to the opponent. At higher level (after level 5) it got the Dodge ability which make it perfect to avoid the sneak attack. I am using the level 5 cards.

Battle Details

Rule Set - Target Practice & Heavy Hitters
Here the screen shot of the cards lineup.


At the first place I used the Flesh Golem which is a good cards for first position because of good health and self healing ability.
At Second position I used the MINOTAUR WARRIOR, which has the two damage along with reach & piercing ability (perfect for second position).
At third position I used the SCREECHING VULTURE, which has two damage along with Flying, Opportunity and Scavenger ability.
As this was the Target practice so I used the FAILED SUMMONER, it has reflect ability (actually initially I used only LA but I left with 2 mana so I used the FAILED SUMMONER.
At fifth position I used the LA which has good defensive ability for both magic as well as for ranged attack.
At last position I used the JAVELIN THROWER, it has good damage and with dodge ability it can protect for sneak attack also.

After Round one : - I lost my first monster ie FAILED SUMMONER. But it because of the reflect ability it take the health of Wood Nymph and Musroom.

After Round two : - The opponent lost his first monster ie EARTH ELEMENTAL


After Round three : -


After Round four : - The opponent lost his second monster ie SWAMP THING and i lost my LA.


After Round five : - The opponent lost his Mushroom Seer also.

After Round six : - Dodge ability of JAVELIN THROWER saved him.


After Round Seven : After taking down the opponents JAVELIN THROWER all my monster was attacking on opponents Flesh Golem and it does not take much time to take him down also.


Earth is the strongest team in my collection and after the Flesh Golem and Wood Nymph, I used the JAVELIN THROWER in most of the battles.
As from the stats we can se this cards has damage as well as the speed, which make him must use card.

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Thanks to @minimining for delegated cards.

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