First post via eSteem, couch potato!

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On the couch

Quarantine, teleworking, social distancing, staying at home, these are the current “hype” words. People are even quaranTraining, working out in the garden... I am sorry, but I find it all a bit over the top, it’s like a contest of doing the most I useful things in the most creative way.
Don’t get me wrong, I sport, I work out, I just hate doing it all at the same place every single time. And I just hate “bragging” through facebook with pictures or movies of myself doing push-ups with my dog on my back. Get normal people, this situation is not normal, and we sure as hell shouldn’t be settling with it!

So, out of protest, my picture of myself on the couch, deal with it!


Sincerely, Pele23

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