It's so easy to get distracted - IAAC #12

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I have recently gotten back into the routine of reading my Bible each morning and journaling about what I read. As I was preparing for bed last night, I realized I had forgotten to do my Bible reading when I got up yesterday. Then, as I started this morning, I opened my journal and noticed that I had missed not one, but two days. It's so easy to get distracted and lose our focus.


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Today we are starting to look for Luke here:








Here are my updated totals toward my Hive goals as of today (NOTE: I participated in Hive Power Up Day by purchasing and staking 105.607 Hive):

DescriptionGoalCurrent% CompleteChange
HIVE Power1000139.92114.0%+10.57%
CTP Power100003164.84831.6%+0.0%


Here are some posts I engaged with:

@achim03.ctp - "How to write your first post on Hive using Peakd" is an informative post about writing blogs. It contains great information for new (and maybe not so new) content creators (🙋‍♂ I learned a few things, myself).

@ph1102 - In "Another HivePUD Participiation - How Much Did I Power Up?", Zoltan talks about his Hive Power Up today and where to get information about Hive Power Up Day.

@elianaicgomes - "Winners of the Last-minute Challenge and the CTP BP Referral Contest Annoucement!" is the announcement of the preliminary winners and preparing for the main drawing for the CTP Blueprint contest.

@iamraincrystal - "100th Day Raffle - Comment & Win | IAAC Day 100" is celebrating Rosyel's 100th day participating in the #IAmAliveChallenge. She will be celebrating her Hive anniversary soon.

@bradleyarrow - In a similar vein, Bradley talks about his upcoming anniversary (along with various other topics) in "Three days till on year on Hive - IAAC"


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Thanks for the mention 😁

My pleasure...we're all in this together.

We sure are.

thank you very much for featuring my post!

Distractions are there need to just re focus and keep moving onward!

You are correct. As much as we try, we cannot totally get away from distractions. Our goals should be to minimize them as much as possible and find ways to help us get back on track when they do happen. Thanks for the input.

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Thanks for the mention, Garrey!

And distractions are probably our enemy No1... Scheduling things, writing a list, or setting alarm (notifications) for certain hours or tasks is a good idea...

I'm using the last one the most... but, I had a lot of things that I don't have to write down, as I made a habit of doing it...

So, for example, I can't go to lunch if I didn't do my morning tasks... (writing a post, replied on comments, etc..)... So, maybe it's not a bad idea to CONNECT your task for some already established habit... ;)

Have a great Sunday!

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That's a great idea to connect your desired tasks to established habits. Thanks for sharing.

Well done completing the Scavanger Hunt Garrey, and nice to see you on video, and great advice in it, let's focus.

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