Veg-Pepp Soup

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Does it ever happen to you that you went out to eat at a place and taste of one of the dishes got stuck to your tongue? Then you go home, scuffle around with the ingredients to replicate its taste and looks. One final day when you successfully attain the same mosaic of flavours, your tongue just tells you. Yes that's it! you say... In that bit of time your heart just feels something like achieving the state of Moksha. So today, I am sharing one such special recipe...I call it Veg-Pepp Soup. There is an eating joint near my place which has this uniquely tasting Veg Soup and it totally made me scratch my brain as it tastes so different from such a soup I have ever tasted. The recipe was challenging enough since I did not know the secret ingredient and how was it used. It took me around months to seek out the recipe but finally I did it!
The secret ingredient was Red Bell Pepper and it was roasted/grilled before adding to the soup. Here's the recipe:

Core Ingredients:
Carrots- 4/5
Beans- 10-15
Potato- 2 Medium sized
Tomato-2 Medium sized
Red Bell Pepper- 1

Ingredients for Flavouring/Seasoning:
Salt- As per taste
Black Pepper- As per taste
Red Chilly Powder- As per taste and optional
White Vinegar- 2-3 Tbsp
Sugar- 2 Tbsp
Dried Mixed Herbs- As per taste
Butter- 2 Tbsp
Green Parsley/Coriander- To Garnish

Peel, wash and cut out the vegetables. Grill/Roast the Red Bell pepper and tomatoes. Boil all other vegetables until they are totally cooked.
Add salt before boiling the vegetables. Once the vegetables are boiled and tomatoes/ peppers are properly grilled, mix them and blend all of them together in the same water that was used for boiling the veggies.
Now add all the flavouring/seasoning ingredients and give it a boil. Garnish the soup with freshly cut parsley/coriander.
Serve the soup with a toast and enjoy!!!

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Nice poat...
Thanks for sharing the recipe and I will try it myself too....

Thanks so much

Looks very yummy.
Will definitely try this recipe.
Please post more
A big thumbs up 👍