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Morning fellow CTP Talkers and Steemians,

Yes I am repeating myself again. NO EXCUSES.

I am going to give you my day yesterday and give reason why you should have no excuses to show up, blog every day.

My day stated yesterday, well really Monday night when I went to bed. The wife heard a drip drip drip, there was water coming in the house from around the bed room window. To much snow on the roof.

So I woke up Tuesday morning, texted the boss at work and said I would not be in. I had a giant job ahead of me. Shovelling off my roof.

But you know the first thing I did? You guessed it. I typed out a blog post.

Then I got ready and went out side, I had to go to my garage to get my ladder, you know the second thing I did? A video blog.

Then I got at it!


Here come the pics, my house got two roofs you could say. Snow snow snow.



So 7 hours of shovelling got it done. Oh and the mess.



Now I could not leave it like that. Need to be able to use the steps. Need access in and out of the house.

*All pics by BradleyArrow

So I was beat, tired, had supper at sat in my recliner.

You know what I did then? Picked up my phone, when to my feed. Started upvoting and resteeming posts.

Look at the excuses I had. Did I let it stop me from doing my thing here on CTP Talk and Steem? Hell no.

Get at it people :) Show up everyday.

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Have a great day all.


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Great dedication and no excuses Bradley, that was a lot of snow, stay awesome.



In a nutshell, you have worked more at home, than you would work on your job... :) Sometimes it's better go to work... :)

Lol. True.

7 hours of shoveling and still time to create a blog post and engage with others... NO EXCUSES!

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I can remember a year it snowed that much and had to shovel snow of my roof and my grandmothers roof earned some money doing it :)

No Excuses Indeed! That is a crazy amount of snow. I am sure you were careful not to get hurt! This is the beauty of what we do! There is a way to make it fit in with whatever else life throws at us.