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Morning fellow CTP Talkers and Steemians,


This morning I want to touch on FEARS. I wonder what your fears, online and offline are?

I will tell you mine. Now I have to say they are not with me all the time, but they do creep into my mind now and then. Especially when so much is going on in the world and life.

I fear that every morning when I wake up that all this will be gone away. That there will be no more Steem and no more CTP Talk. I know it is highly unlikely that will every happen.

I fear for the world right now with COVID-19. I am one of those people that track stuff. Just ask my wife how I track hurricanes and snow storms. And now I have been tracking the COVID-19 since the new year. I don't like what I am seeing.

I fear for the finances of myself and others. Watching the markets around the world drop yesterday. The DOW in the USA dropping by over 1000 points. I am not even going to look at my retirement investments.

I fear for my job. If the world goes into an economic down spin. We all know what that can do.

I fear the future because of all this.

Now that I got all that off my check I also have HOPE.

I know that showing up every day here on CTP Talk and Steem is the key. And interaction with people from around the world and being able to share, interact, and read their thoughts gives me hope on the future of the online world and the offline world.

My father was very young during the 1918 Spanish flu. He had it, and he survived it. I remember his stories and maybe that is why I am so fasinated by the COVID-19.

Mostly the people here give me Hope. I read blogs daily, I am in Discord daily. And the sense of community and family gives me hope. It is that simple.

So I will push my fears away for another day, grab onto my hope and #pushon. #Noexcuses.

So here is some sad market reports.

CTP Token: Last: 0.00999 STEEM / $0.00201 24h Vol: 30 STEEM / $6.00 Bid: 0.00999 STEEM Ask: 0.02988501 STEEM (well it seems to be holding its own and doing not bad)
Steem: $0.199313 USD (-6.77%) 0.00002076 BTC (-5.34%)
Tron: $0.019618 USD (-4.30%) 0.00000204 BTC (-2.85%)
Bitcoin: $9,602.48 USD (-1.49%)

I am surprised by Bitcoin. I thought will the drop in the markets worldwide and the rise in the price of Gold yesterday that I might see Bitcoin rise along. But not yet.

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Have a great day all.


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Oh dear lord brad i have so many fears. Ever since the kids i am always afraid that something will happen to them. But i am affraid to dissapoint , i fear to die and i can go on for another half hour. I love to know where you bought that button .....


#pushon. #Noexcuses. Is a pushon not a button 😬 ok language barrier sorry . I need. Now excuse go on button

Lol. Now I understand :)

Everyone has fears! If someone says that he doesn't have, he lies... :)

I think that it is important to "embrace" our fears... Just accept them, and as you say, "fight" against them with hope, a positive attitude, love...

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Thanks for sharing your fears and hopes Bradley, as for myself if I have a fear I start to immediately look for a solution, and when I find it it's gone, it's just how my brain works lol.

Just one example is climate change, all solutions necessary to solve it is already available, from electric cars, solar panels, wind power and batteries to get rid of fossil fuels, onto farming without plowing or using any artificial fertilizer, where you use cover crops, manure, compost and grazing cattle and grazing chickens to fertilize the fields, and that works so well the topsoil have proven on commercial farms to grow the topsoil from 15 centimeters to 50 centimeters in just 5 years, that also takes with it a lot of the CO2 from the atmosfare, so much that if we did this globally we would take away half of all emmissions since the beginning of industrialization in just those 5 years time.

Cryptocurrency is of course the solution on debt based money with interest, all fiat in circulation is issued by creating a loan backed by nothing but a promise to repay it with interest, but to pay that interest more money has to be created since the debt to pay it with is not printed with the loan, and so that circle continues keeping the majority of the population in check by getting them afraid to reach their own potential and do what they want tying them up in debt for most of their lives so they just capitulate and don't start competing with the elites, hopefully crypto can solve this.

I could go on a lot more, but I don't want to bore you out, stay awesome.