BMR for 5th April 2021 - PAUSE an reflect on the good things

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Hello everyone,


This morning as I sit here about 2 hours earlier than normal, not getting much sleep because of my 2nd cluster headache of my night, I thought I might as well get my blog post done.

Overall I had a really good long weekend. Family, grand kids, etc.

I need and I want you to PAUSE and reflect on the good things in your life even if things really suck.

A friend of mine lost their son in a boating accident over the weekend. Another friend has their toddler in the children's hospital with an unknown sickness. My better half is having some soft of issues that the doctors are trying to figure out. Maybe it is just 100+ rounds of chemo...

Covid 19, B117, P1, etc...

I had quality Easter long weekend with my family. PAUSE and reflect and cherish the good things you have in your life.


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Bitcoin: $58,019.87

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Have a great day all.