BMR for 15th April 2021 - Shilling Hive on Twitter

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Hello everyone,


I find it very interesting when I see a word used that I have never seen before. That word is "Shilling". It came about in a Twitter exchange with my friend @nathanmars yesterday.

I think I get the context, pushing, talking about, like really talking about Hive, promoting it, etc. But when it went to Google, I get to the Meriam-Webster dictionary.

Definition of shilling
1a: a former monetary unit of the United Kingdom equal to 12 pence or ¹/₂₀ pound
b: a former monetary unit equal to ¹/₂₀ pound of any of various countries in or formerly in the Commonwealth of Nations
2: a coin representing one shilling
3: any of several early American coins
4the basic monetary unit of Kenya, Somalia, Tanzania, and Uganda

You might be wondering why I am sharing this? Just because it peaked my interest. I always wanted to point out all the hard work Nathan is putting in to promote Hive, and in turn everything else on Hive.

There are many other doing hard work on Twitter also and you can see that date thanks to:

Just something different to share this morning.

Market report:

Hive: $0.6085 Glad to see it back above the 60 cent mark.

Bitcoin: $62,830.07 Down but still rocking and rolling in my books.

And my Graphs:






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I remember shillings very well! In the good old days the British pound consisted of twenty shillings, and each shilling was divided into 12 pence! We had threepence and sixpence coins among others.

However, you'd get a better sense of Nathan's use of "shilling" if you look up the base verb form, "shill":

"to advertise or promote (a product) as or in the manner of a huckster; hustle"


The person who "shills" is a "shill" and Wikipedia has a page about shills:

So it was originally a negative word, but I notice more and more it's being used in a more positive way these days.

Thanks for this 😊


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