BMR for 14 Apr 2021 - Had to do it, a Bitcoin Graphic

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Hello Hivians, CTP Talkers, and Leo people,


Yes I had to do it, Bitcoin is at or near ATH so first pic in my post had to be it's graph. And it brings back memories. I do not remember the reporters last name now but his first name was Jeff, it was on the CTV TV network here in Canada. He made reference to "a new online currency" called Bitcoin. And that was back when it first started.

I ran to my computer, googled it or was it Altavista search engine at that time? hum... Anyway. Did a little reading, not enough, downloaded a wallet, and thought I was mining, I was not. Waited weeks and earned nothing. Gave up.

Moral of the story. If you hear about something that peaks your interest. Do deep research into it to make sure you know what you are doing. I should be a multi-millionaire now but for the sake of make an extra couple hours of research. But if you read my post from last night, I will get there with Hive, Leo and CTP.






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Have a great day all.



You definitely would have been a billionaire by now if you made a deep research for sure. Maybe you might have bought in thousands back then.

I guess the future is still yet to come with hive. Let’s keep building here and give it time , I believe there’s still a lot of wonderful things to come in the cryptocurrency world.


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