Skeletons - UTS 100120 [New Music]

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Artwork by Solar Phasing - In Black and White

Hello Music Lovers, :0)

New Tracks Samples.
I'm busy these last days, but I made a compilation of short extraits of new tracks I'm working on. Upcoming scheduled releases.. or not. I have a lot of unreleased tracks, finished or not.
2020 will be a fantastic creative year. As 2019!
Well, I hope! :0)

Waiting for more, enjoy these little pieces! Skeletons of..

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Wishing you all a peaceful weekend!! :0)

See you soon.. for more!
Much #LoVe
Thank you very much for all your support.

Juan, @SolarPhasing

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Those skeletons sound all great - I'm wishing you lots of fun finishing them!!!

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