My Black and White Photography Challenge #447

in bnwphotography •  3 days ago 


Rules to follow in this Black & White photography challenge:

  • Black and white images that represent any positive meaning in life.
  • Present one or two image every day.
  • You may add people, if you want.
  • No explanation.
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Bago sa akin tung #bnwphotography challenge hmm, gusto ko magjoin nito soon. hehehehe Ganda ng shot nyu po. I am into photography also. hehehhe stay blessed and happy.

I'm a photographer, in my dreams,haha. I think 2 yrs ago pa yang "challenge kuno" na yan, hehe. May nagnominate lng sakin. Though I love BnW talaga kahit wala naman ako alam sa photography. 😬
Anyway, thanks for dropping by!
Stay safe & God Bless!

hehehe sabi nga ng teacher ko sa photography dati.. pag meron kang camera tapos gusto mo palagi kumuha ng random images kahit ano pa yan.. basta my value at may ibig sabihin kahit ano pa yan basta from your heart or gusto mo lang.. ikaw ay photographer.. sobrang lawak kasi ng photography Sir. sobrang dami ng branches..